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Our application process takes just a few minutes to complete. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible.

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After we approve your application, we'll send you over some important documents & help you with the next steps.
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you can set up your trading account, make your initial deposit, and we will start trading for you the next business day.

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You have complete access to your account so you can track its growth. CVC strives to deliver a 5-10% return each month.


A results driven company.

We specialize in trading in the Forex market while providing advice to sophisticated individual investors. We take pride in our ability to provide the results so many investors need.

Who We Are

Our lead traders have 40 years combined experience trading in the futures and forex markets. Experience has taught us how to trade with low risk and optimal returns.

Our Philosophy

We believe that pin point positioning with minimal exposure to market volatility is key to safety and giving our clients the greatest returns on their investments.  


Each investor that we work with is different. We create a tailored plan to fit your needs. With our controlled risk formula we’re able to trade profitably on your behalf.


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Answering the most common questions.


Why can only non-US citizens apply for the Forex fund?
US regulations place restrictions on leverage in Forex accounts.  They also do not allow CFD’s to be traded which means we are unable to trade metals or indexes in your account.  Cayman regulation allows us to trade using leverage in Forex and to trade CFD’s. Giving us access to a large array of markets and tools enables CVC to find the best performing instrument to give the greatest returns for our clients.
With what brokerage does CVC use to trade my funds with?
We use ATC brokers Cayman.  They have the best spreads and the best back office for user friendly functionality. You can withdraw funds from your account as outlined in the CVC’s contractual agreement, control your risk settings on your account, shut your account off at any time to trading, and provides many other options to tailor your trading account to your specified criteria to give you complete control over your money. We just trade the amount of your deposit at the leverage or risk that you’re comfortable with.  All those settings are available for you in ATC’s back-office platform.
How do I open my account with ATC?
Once your application is approved with CVC, we will have ATC email you a link which will take you to a portal to sign all the necessary documents and fund your account. When your account is funded, it will begin to be traded at your discretion.
Can I change my risk allocation?
Yes. You simply go to your back office in ATC and increase or decrease your risk. For example, you could increase your risk allocation from 10% to 20%. This would mean on a$100,000 account; your max loss limit would be $20,000. We prefer you start off with a max loss limit of 10%.
What are the fees that CVC charges?
We charge a 2% management fee on any deposited amount into your account. This covers some of our cost to conduct business. This fee will be assessed each year on your anniversary date. Next, we do a 60/40 on all profits made on the account, 60% of the gains going to our clients and 40% to CVC.
What risk percentage is used by CVC traders
CVC trains its traders to risk 1 to 2% in a trade. We do not like going outside these parameters unless specifically told by our client to do so, at which time you will sign documentation stating such. Remember more leverage can bring higher returns, but it can also do the exact opposite.
What is the minimum investment to open a FOREX account with CVC?
$5000 US dollars.


How does CVC trade my funds in futures?
The client will set up an individual account with Ninja Trader. You must purchase the license in order to reduce contract commissions. Once you have your account set up and your license key, you sign a contract with CVC and a POA. These are presented to Ninja Trader, and you are then approved to have CVC trade your account. At this point you give us log in credentials and we begin to trade your funds.
If I do not specify risk, how are my funds traded?
We automatically set risk at 1%.  
Will I owe anything for the month if CVC does not show a profit on my account?
No.  You are only charged on the returns on investment for that calendar month.
What if I want to close my account?
In the CVC contract it is required to give us a30 days written notice. Once those 30 days are complete, you can withdraw funds at your discretion. You may request CVC to not trade your funds at any time.
Is there a minimum amount I need to keep in my account?
Yes.  You must keep a minimum amount of $50,000 USD for us to trade your account.
How do I control my leverage in Ninja Trader?
There are no direct controls to set leverage on the account platform. You will meet with the trader in the Account Set-Up process and come to an agreed-upon amount of leverage you specify If you want to increase your leverage later on, you simply fill out the paper work which specifies the new amount and we will begin to trade your account at the new leverage the next business day.
What will I be charged for CVC to trade my funds?
We charge an upfront fee of 2% of the amount of the funds for deposit. As your account grows, we charge a 40% fee of all gains. This payment is due the 10th day of the next calendar month. Payment not received by this date will be charged a 5% late
If I live outside the United States, am I eligible to have CVC trade my account?  
As long as you can open a trading account with Ninja Trader, we can trade the account for you.
If I close my account and decide to reopen it, will I be charged the 2% fee again on deposited funds?